START-50 vibro systems


START-50 vibro with vibrotable

START-50 vibro with hopper

Hopper volume: 8 l
Hopper volume: 50 l

START-50 vibro combi

2 in 1 system

You can easily change vibrotable to hopper and back depending on using powder: please use vibrotable for regular powder and hopper for antics and metalics!!!

Tecnical data
Supply voltage (V, Hz) 220.50
Voltage on discharge electrode (kV) 100
Power consumption (W, no more than) 35
Compressed air pressure (mPa) 0.2-0.3
Powder spraying speed (m²/min) 3
Hopper capacity (kg) 5
Weight (kg, no more than) 24
Dimensions (mm) 400х700х910