Presentation of the company

Radar Company was established in 1993 as a small research and production enterprise. From the very beginning we have been manufacturing powder coating spraying equipment under the «START» brand.

For 30 years of work, the range of products has expanded significantly and sales have increased 200 times!

All START — 50 spray guns are simple, reliable and inexpensive! This product has been awarded with various medals and diplomas for many times. All our equipment is patented and has a CE certificate.

Our products are sold through a wide distribution network. Our company has over 3,000 customers worldwide. Products are exported to 38 countries.

Our equipment works in USA, UK, Vietnam, Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Egypt, Israel, Indonesia, Italy, Iran, Kazakhstan, Cyprus, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Netherlands, UAE, Portugal, Poland, Syria, Ukraine, France, Czech Republic, Estonia and other countries.

High-quality products and excellent service are the main attributes of our company!

We are open for cooperation with manufacturing companies of different types, laboratories, technical schools and universities!